Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer Vacation 2014~Pt.2...Twain Hart & Pinecrest Lake

While on our little vacation we also ventured out a bit to check out our surroundings. Let's just say we were in the middle of nowhere. The little town down the road was so small, there was a little row of shops and restaurants but nothing really too interesting. Their antique shop was closed and we peered in the window to see what sort of shop it was, lets just say it was kinda was like a fancy pants antique shop with really really nice and probably too expensive kind of stuff. We like more kitschy, vintage fun it was sorta a bummer really. We passed by an old garage that had a few oldies in the lot, which caught our eye, so we pulled in and asked the guys working if it would be alright if we snapped a few shots of their cars with my daughter next to them. We got the okay and had a bit of fun posing in front of the cars. we are just weird like that. lol.

This one above, is my favorite from the bunch. I love how she just hopped right up and smiled all cute like. She melts my heart, that girl of mine.

Later that evening we called up some old friends of ours who we had met back in Southern Cali. They moved a bit before we did...And just so happened to be thirty minutes from the cabin we stayed in. We brought our own meat and grilled up some burgers and had a great time catching up with them. We stayed late into the evening and planned a day trip to the lake nearby so the kids could cool off and enjoy the last days of Summer. So they picked Freckles and I up from the cabin and drove us out to Pinecrest Lake.

We spent the afternoon just talking away about everything and anything and even a whole lot of nothing...But so glad we did it. It was a treat to see them again as it has been a couple years. I sure do miss her....We were just getting close before they moved away...But after our time together and realizing we are only 2 1/2 hours away from each other, we promised that we would see one another often and get together for a couple adventures. I am so happy to rekindle our friendship. What a blessing!

So now even when we go back to visit the cabin, 
we can reconnect with this sweet family.
 Well, this ends our Summer fun...Now time to focus and get back to life, routine, 
school and hopefully find a good rhythm.

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