Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Vacation~Visiting Our Son In Washington

Our next stop on our North West vacation was to Washington for a visit with our boy. It was so good seeing him after many months since we were last together. It was so god to be able to just wrap my arms around him and kiss his face. Oh how I miss that boy of ours. He and his roomy JJ had us in their little apartment for a few days. We didn't plan anything big to do's...We just wanted to hang out with him. We took him out to a couple dinners, hung out with them and a couple nights we got to hang out with him and his girlfriend. We gave them their birthday gifts, watched a movie with him on his couch, took him shopping for his birthday, had a couple lunches out, visited him at work, hung out in coffee shops, went to a bookstore, had a delightful lunch with a bloggy friend and her family...(will share that later) and spent Sunday at Church with some of our old church family members from many moons ago. It really was a quick few days, but he needed to go back to work...So we made it the best we could.

The hardest part was having to hug and kiss him goodbye and watching him drive off after we spent our last day together. We enjoyed our short yet sweet time with him. Will miss him! Until we see him again, hopefully not too long away. 

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