Sunday, July 12, 2015

High School Youth Group~ Hume Lake Christian Summer Camp

I have expressed a lot this last year how it has been a huge blessing for our daughter to finally find some fruitful friendships with a handful of girls. She has blossomed in so many ways. Our church plant is very small and does not include young people her age...So she has been attending youth group with her bestie this last year at a community church on Wednesday evenings. A few posts back I shared the lip sync contest fundraiser they did to put funds toward the Hume Lake Summer Camp. They did very well with the fundraiser and gave many kids a nice sum of money toward their trip costs. Another gift/blessing was that an anonymous person wanted to help our daughter with some extra money toward her camp fees. So in the end we were
 able to send her to this great week long Summer Camp.  

We met at the church early Sunday morning to get them all signed in, health screened and to pack up the caravans that were transporting the kids up to the lake. I just look at my girl and can't believe how much she has grown in independence, starting High School this Fall and blooming this delightful character. The excitement of going to this camp was huge for days before the trip. We packed everything she would need! We all prayed together before they left, gave her hugs and kisses and sent her off with the group. I'm eagerly waiting in excitement for her, to hear about the whole trip. They have some awesome activities for these group of kids...

I heard from a gal friend of mine that they actually are using the movie prop Pirate Ship from Pirates of the Caribbean for their set at the camp. How awesome is that!!! They will also be enjoying times of worship, praise and devotions with their groups, and activities like kayaking, boating, swimming, grass games, adventure, team sports/games etc... 

I am so excited for her! 
I just know she's having the time of her life! I miss her at home, 
but this is really good for her! She will return home next Saturday. 
Oh Happy Summer!!!

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