Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer Faire Workshop~ Tomato Wreath & Sweet Tea and a Whole Lotta Jesus!

I am actually pretty excited that I decide to take this online Summer Faire Workshop through

I really have needed a little push to just start doing art work again. It has been a struggle since a couple years ago and some rough roads we were on in life and the passing of my Gramma took me out for another year. I miss her so much. She loved my art, it made her smile. It was about a month ago I decide to try out this workshop...It is a three week class filled with water coloring, art projects, sketching, journaling and some cooking projects. The first class was sketching and water coloring a tomato wreath. My paints turned out nice and vibrant too! pretty happy with it so far. Totally Summer lovin' here!

Another daily project Junelle called, is Morning Glory~ 
morning glory is a beautiful, fast growing, twirling, seeking-the-sun, kind of vine.  It is constantly growing.  It is different every single day.  It is beautiful and playful and creatively making it's way up, up, up.  The play on words to make *morning glories* into a time of daily practice, of gratitude or devotion is a simple one.  Claiming a bit of time each day to see, be amazed, and grow? 
 I love that!
It might be a time to:
sketch a bit of something each day
take photographs of how the sun rests on things
write a little list of precious gifts that come to mind
write out a little prayer and encircle it with watercolors
try a tiny watercolor each morning 
take a walk & look up (like a morning glory)
sketch a morning glory
stretch and breathe

My first Morning Glory was painting this little picture of a favorite tea of mine. For me drinking tea and spending time with the Lord go hand in hand. I like my tea in many forms, hot or cold. A fave for sure is sweet iced tea. My thinking while painting this little piece was~
"Sweet Tea and a whole lotta Jesus!"

Yes and Amen!
So far I am loving it...
As I go I will share the projects and paintings I do!
P.S. I was unable to post a jam post this week for my Summer Jam Series...
Be sure to check out my posts next week...
I have some yummy jams coming up that you won't want to miss!!!
So come on back ya hear!!!

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