Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just What The Doctor Ordered.....

Mr. Darling got home from the hospital yesterday morning.
He will have to take it easy this week before he gets back to school.
 Going through pain such as he did the past couple days is really exhausting to the system and nerves. He had visitors over the past several days as well in the hospital
. God has truly blessed us with  our friends and family as well as
Thank you so much for the prayers and well wishes for my dear Darling. 
And to our dear friends who got us through this week as well as with meals for my children while we were gone and the meals we have for the rest of the week truly helps me be able to take care of things, get my hunny better and focus on my kids without the worries of what's for dinner. 
Thanks to our friends who got Miss Freckles to and from her Keepers at Home group.

She went to her Keepers at Home group and got to decorate cakes. 
She did her cake especially for her Daddy. 
 This cake is the sweetest thing I have seen in a while.
She really did an awesome job on her cake.
She even wrote "Feel Better"
It is beautiful!

She was very proud of it and presented it to her Daddy. 
That just melted his heart. 
We had our lovely dinner and the awesome
cake Miss Freckles made for dessert!

This was the perfect thing to start Mr. Darlings healing process
and just what the doctor ordered!
Thanks again everyone!!!


  1. Glad your hubbie is ok. I had no idea there was a problem!! Freckles did a fab job on that cake! How very pretty! xxoo

  2. Oh my, I think Miss Freckles has possibly found her calling! There may be a cake shop or chef's course in her future!

  3. First of all, thank you for stopping by my rednesday post. I always love the company. Then I want to say what a darling daughter and a perfectly darling and delightful cake that she made for her daddy. That I am sure made him feel better. 2 summers ago, my 18 year old daughter had her appendix out. It was very scary to have to bring your child to the emergency room and find out that you are facing surgery. My thoughts for a speedy recovery are with you.

  4. That cake is delightful! Great job!

    So glad your hubby man is home.

  5. I am so sorry Mr. Darling has been in pain and had to go to the hospital. It is very wearing on all of you. I will be praying. I am sure the cake made him feel much better. xoxox Clarice

  6. What a special get well wish. Bri, you are so sweet!
    Nice to see Tony there in the picture. He looks good. Glad he is on the mend...we know how hard it is to keep his nose out of a book...we I guess he could still do that huh?
    Love you all and tell Bri the cake is beautiful!!!

  7. Just lovely Miss Freckles...what a wonderful job you did....So glad Mr. Darling his doing better....wishing you all a most blessed weekend....

  8. Glad to hear that Mr. Darling is healing up. Pain can throw everything way off. And the cake just looks delish. Papa looks very proud. Blessings. Lydia