Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Life has been a bit of a whirlwind this last month. I am not even on track with blogging and sharing. I ran across these recent photos taken when we went to Monterey Bay last month. Freckles, as you may know has a love for reading books. She has been collecting a lot of books as of late to add to her ever growing collection. She reads about 4~5 different books at a time. She tends to choose a lot of fantasy and adventure which inspires her to work on the books she is writing herself.

We made an adventure out of this particular day...Since my dear hubby is also a lover of books, but picks books of Theological nature...We decided to hit several bookstores that day. Freckles usually has no problem at all finding a stack of books. She does the same thing when we hit thrift shops. It's fun to watch her as she hunts for her book bargains. This venture led to a stack of books, just as I predicted she would.

At times I buy her books...But recently she has been purchasing her books with her very own babysitting money. She babysits and makes great money doing it. Makes me so proud of her. Not only does she buy books/this & that with her money, she is also setting aside savings and tithing money for church. So, if you need any good titles of books for your tweens/teens, drop us a line...She has a built in Library in her room. I'm sure we can suggest something.

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