Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunflower Fields

We celebrated our sweet Freckles 14th birthday the other day. Every year we try to make birthdays special. We usually celebrate all week. Her day is a day that she gets to choose what she wants to do. This year was very low key. No parties or anything extravagant...It was simple but sweet. This year she chose instead of getting her gifts, to take her out on a shopping spree for some outfits. Okay...I am game! I took her out and we bought her four new dresses. She took some of her babysitting money and got a bunch of accessories from Claire's website.
 Her daddy got her a bouquet of sunflowers (her favorite flower) and I made her a stuffed owl pillow for her bedroom. The morning of her big day I went out early to a cute donut shop and picked out a dozen of donuts and iced mochas. Instead of cake this year, we made a donut tower cake and sang happy birthday to her. It was really all she wanted. So sweet that girl is!

The UPS truck came by and dropped off a special delivery all the way from Washington too ...Her brother and his gal sent Freckles some birthday gifts. She got three handmade flower crowns, a cute owl journal which her big brother picked out all by himself...
She also got a pair of black lacey TOMS and an XBOX.
After all that excitement we took her out to a new burger joint in our area called Mooya...Which was good btw. Then we took her to a huge field of sunflowers. Yes, it was something she wanted to do. And it is one of her favorite kinds of flowers...

It was the perfect backdrop for some pictures...and yes the bees were kinda frightening...they were all over the flowers. Good news! We left without a sting. After that she wanted to go to the bookstore where she bought a book of course. We also hit a couple Thrift Shops. Then we headed home for a little rest before taking her to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner.

She was content. 
It was a very good day indeed.

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  1. I just want to say: I LOVE YOUR BLOG, it's one of my favorites!