Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer Is Over and Some New Challenges

Yes it is true. Our Summer has come to an end. School starts this Wednesday. It will be a different kind of year for us this school season. We decided to apply for a Classical Christian school in our area. It is still a homeschool program which entails a two day a week on campus classroom/teacher instruction, which Freckles will complete her subjects and workload at home the days she is not in session on campus. We also decided that since we have had a very rough couple of years with moving and personal stuff, we would hold her back in the 8th grade giving her the opportunity to catch up in some areas that need some TLC. She is totally fine with it all and actually happy she will be in the same grade/class with a friend from the church Mr. Darling intern shipped with this last year. It will be a bit of  a challenge I am sure since she is not used to the group classroom experience and being a classical school, by no means will her work load be an easy one. But she is up for the challenge to blossom and grow. We are also really excited she got in a Speech Club this year. It has been a desire of hers for some time now...We waited all Summer to find out whether she made it in or not. Finally a couple weeks ago, she received the call that she is in! This will be another full time commitment and challenge and will take a lot of work on not only her part but ours too. 

We are thrilled..It is a whole new world for us. Prayfully these extra curricular things will be a blessing to our family as well. We ordered her books, got her a cute backpack and lunch bag, all her needfuls like pencils, erasers, binders, paper and notebooks. it's going to be a lot of fun for her making new friends and having the time of her life enjoying fun activities from school and even dances. If all goes well this may be the route we continue on for her high school years. My baby is growing up. This Momma is so proud!

So now we close another Summer chapter. Onto big things. 
With heartfelt prayers we pray she will have a great year and that
 she will also be a blessing to others. My sweetheart!
Goodbye Summer 2014
You were good to us!

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